Tuesday, November 19, 2013

2013 Christmas Card Design

I used a Maine themed Christmas design this year using the spruce trees and pine cones to create the mandala and its array. I have added a pine cone border with a Christmas greeting, and also show an emerging pattern background made with photos of pine cones. I darkened it somewhat to use it for the mandala array. This magnificent tree sits in front of my brother's house. The first time I saw it, I said Christmas tree. Pine cones are the Maine state flower, so they are doubly appropriate for celebrating a Maine Christmas. Of course, other New Englanders and Northeasterners will enjoy this creation as well.

Dandelion Creations/Mainely Mandalas

Now that I am back in Maine, I have started to design Maine and New England themed creations. To that end, I have completed designs made with dandelion flowers. I have also registered my eighth domain name: Mainely Mandalas. I show the mandala, the mandala array, a dandelion border, and a background made from dandelion greens. I used a darkened version of this for the array.