Monday, August 30, 2010


I offer 18 composite images to be used on the flip side of the placemats. They can also be used for prints and posters, mugs, cards as well as calendars.
In order, they are:
1 pink tree bell A
2 pink tree bell B
3 Pink tree bell C
4 sunflower A
5 sunflower B
6 pink oleanders without frame
7 pink oleanders with frame
8 bouganvillia
9 barrel cactus A
10 barrel cactus B
11 yellow prickly pear with frame
12 yellow prickly pear without frame
13 pink daisy
14 pomegranate
15 nightblooming cactus
16 jumping cholla
17 butterflies without frame
18 butterflies with frame
Again, I will be adding to these as we go along, and requests are welcome.


I have been asked to create a set of two sided placemats with scriptuaral passages in flower borders. I am using flower composites for the flip side. I am creating a new category on Zazzle of blank flower frames so that people can add their own text to posters, prints, cards, mugs, mousepads and more.
The composite images will also be available as various products, but will also be a calendar fot 2011. I will be adding other kinds of flowers as I go; and, as always, I am happy to take requests.
I could add the sunflower frame to this, but I just posted that recently. I am using all plain, solid color backgrounds here. One nice feature on Zazzle is that the backgound color is something you can change to a color of your own. I can also use any of my patterned backgrounds as needed. I will be working on a few more of those.
In order, the borders are:
1 pink tree bells
2 bouganvillia
3 barrel cactus
4 yellow prickly pear
5 pink daisy
6 pomegranate
7 nightblooming cactus horizontal
8 nightblooming vertical
9 cholla
10 butterfly
Most of these frames can be used vertically or horizontally, but I offer the nightblooming cactus flower in two versions, because the vertical one doesn't work well horizontally.
Reference #'s: P 1-10