Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Einstein Quote with Black & White Sunflower Border

This completes my list of Einstein quotes, and demonstrates one more way of arranging the images and text.
REFERENCE: i135, t106

Einstein Quote with a Daisy/Sunflower Border

Here I combine the daisy and sunflower with yet another Einstein quote.
REFERENCE: i134, t105

White Daisy Painting with Einstein Quote

This is the daisy I painted for the All Organics logo. I have combined it with a slightly different version of the Einstein quote. I get the idea that Einstein was not only brilliant, but wise in many ways.
REFERENCE: i133, t104

Sunflower Painting with Einstein Quote

In doing the logo, I did a digital painting of a sunflower to use as a dot in the yin yang symbol. We decided to change it to a daisy and then settled on a ladybug. I have paired it here with an Einstein quote.
REFERENCE: i133, t103

All Organics Logo

Brian has been raising worms to produce castings. He asked me to help with the logo for his new business. He had the concept and I just followed his detailed instructions in executing the digital artwork. We are both pleased with the results.
We have left room at the bottom for additional, variable lettering.