Saturday, June 19, 2010

Accept the Possibility

John has long exhorted us to "accept the possibilty". When faced with a new concept or new idea that is beyond our preconceived notions, or cherished beliefs; we are too quick to dismiss anything which challenges our worldview. He asks us to suspend judgement and accept the possibility. That opens us to receive more information, to take a leap of faith, or reach new levels of realization. I have found this simple phrase to be an important reminder to remain open minded as I encounter new ideas which stretch my existing understanding.
I think it is time to share this little piece of advice with more people. To that end, I have started a new line on Zazzle called Possibilities which features designs around this slogan. Here, I have paired it with a row of butterflies. The symbolism is that we break out of the cacoon of our old way of thinking and fly into skies of expanded possibility.
REFERENCE: i125, t91