Sunday, April 18, 2010

Butterfly Rainbow Mandala Painted

The bottom image is the outline mandala filled in with a rainbow of color in Photoshop. It took some time to do this, but once it was complete; it makes all kinds of variations possible. It was quick and easy to turn it into this all blue design. Other colors or combinations of colors are simple once the foundation is laid. What is your favorite color?
I appreciate the way digital graphics allows for so many ways to customize designs.

Butterfly Rainbow Outline Over White

This is the same image over white rather than black.

Butterflies Continued

How about a blacklight effect?

More Butterflies

This image shows that I can take the rainbow background and turn it blue or any other color or combination of colors I want.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Butterfly Outline Mandala Over Rainbow

Here is the same mandala in outline form. I then superimposed it on a blurred flower mandala to create the rainbow effect.

Butterfly Mandala 1 with Poem

I have started a new series of butterfly mandalas. I have not yet posted any for sale, as these are still demonstration projects. Stay tuned; I am just getting warmed up.
Brian suggested that I branch out into other subjects besides flowers. He has some beautiful photographs of butterflies which came to mind, so I said that I could try butterflies. He answered that butterflies are flowers that fly. That was the inspiration for the series and the poem.
REFERENCE: i 125, t 91

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tucson Bumper Sticker

Here is a bumper sticker I just did to promote Tucson and my art. I can design any of my products to include a location of your choice. It is easy to do that with any of my products posted on Zazzle.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Flower Power Aprons

Why not aprons? It is another product line Zazzle makes, and I have joined in on the fun. I call my series Flower Power Aprons, but I may eventually branch out into butterflies and other types of images.
I have had an idea for a vegetable mandala featuring variously colored peppers. I plan to have that ready for a recipe calendar in 2011. It will be appropriate for an apron. If you are interested, tell me to hurry up.

Bright Blossom Binders

Recently, Zazzle added notebook binders to their line of products; so I have started a new series of Bright Blossom Binders. Here is one entry. It is interesting in that it shows the same mandala front and back, but on differently colored backgrounds. The change of color gives them quite a different feel.

Ring of Joy Mousepads

I have started a new product line on Zazzle. I call it Ring of Joy Mousepads. Here is the first one and the name sake for this series of mousepads.