Saturday, February 27, 2010

Emerging Pattern Ties

A lot of people I have shown them to, have liked some of my backround patterns as much as they like the mandalas, so I have been asking myself what more I could do with them. When I posted my yucca background to So Act, a couple of people said that it would look good on a scarf. When I showed it to one of my employees here at the home, she said it would be good on a tie.
Zazzle doesn't do scarfs, but it does do ties; so I have started a new product line I call Emerging Pattern Ties. Here is one made with the yucca backround. I am having fun creating a variety of ohters as well. Zazzle has an amazing pattern maker tool which fits designs to the ties.

Yucca Pattern Tie tie
Yucca Pattern Tie by robert_coyne
Create your own tie online at Zazzle

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