Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lotus and Cactus Flower Symbolism

It occurs to me that my use of the cactus flower is similar to the way the Easterners use the symbol of the lotus flower. The pure white of purity grows out of the mud. I have recognized that my fascination with cactus flowers is because it has been a subconscious symbol of the same thing. The colorful beauty of the cactus flower grows up from the "barren" desert flow and from and inhospitable thorny growth.

I have worked this idea up into a poem expressing the thought. I keep coming up with these short poems that hardly deserve the name, so I am thinking of coining the term poemette. No pun intended on my last name(Coyne).
In the East

The pure white petals of lotus flowers

Grow out of the muddy pond.

In the West

The vivid colors of cactus flowers

From the desert floor are spawned.


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