Thursday, July 9, 2009


I made this mandala with the flowers of the Christmas Cactus. I have made it into a Christmas card as seen here. It could be converted into a Seasons Greeting card or otherwise altered to suit your needs. This mandala will also serve as the December image for my 2010 calendar designs.
REFERENCE: i 96, t 71


I have been experimenting with different textures and natural patterns which can be used as backgrounds for my designs. This one was quite a surprise. The biggest problem I have in taking flower photographs is the wind, so I often grap the flower by the stem with one hand and take the photo with the other. When I work with the photos in Photoshop, I blow it up so that I can see the fine detail. I noticed that sometimes, the back of my hand made an iteresting pattern enhanced by my dry skin. So I took a 1" square from a picture of my hand and blew it up. I then duplicted and rotated until I got the pattern you see here.
I find that the artistic process is a series of surprises, but this tops them. To find such beauty embedded in the skin is amazing to me. When I saw this image, I just stared in reverence. It will inspire me to be even more observant of the beauty that surrounds us.


If any of you would like to have a saying or other text written in another language, I will be happy to oblige. Here in Tucson, Spanish is our second language and it would be relatively easy for me to translate something into Spanish.

I would be willing to research other languages as well, but in some cases, it would help if you would provide the translation. Fell free to contact me with any questions of requests. Of course, in most cases, the text is customizable; so you can edit it yourself.