Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I have created several new mandalas that have been posted on the Brightlight Mandalas site. This is the latest one. They are designed to be posters, but can be adapted to use for cards if you like. I am not giving them an image # because you can reference them by title. They can be paired with text that could be put on the inside of the card. I want to offer three new texts of my own creation as examples of what you can use.

Each day is a gift.
Let us not waste it
on dread of tomorrow
or regret over yesterday.
Coyne 2008
The gardener simply gives nature a chance to work her magic.
Coyne 2008
God wants to reveal Himself to us
and does so
in the beauty of the flower,
the wonder of the night sky,
and the smile of a baby.
Coyne 2008
REFEERENCE: t67, 68 & 69


My friend, Bill, posted this quote on his Facebook page and I was immediately struck by it, so I paired it with the hollyhock border.

This can be a card or small print.
REFERENCE: i90, t66