Friday, February 20, 2009


The black background shows the colors in the flowers nicely and allows the text to be read easily, but if you want a brighter background for a card or print; that can be done. I will be working with a foliage background as well.
REFERENCE: i55, t32


I have extracted 10 calendula bloosom images. In studying my photos, I was struck by the variety amongst the flowers. Calendulas have relatively simple structures and uniform color, but as you can see there is a good bit of variation between individual blossoms. As I was working with these images, the phrase you see about endless variations on a theme came to me; so I decided to pair it with this image.
Now that we have all these extracted images, we can generate multiple composites like this and cap it off with another mandala design. So let's get started.
Suitable for medium & small prints as well as cards.
REFERENCE: i54, t31