Sunday, February 15, 2009


Let's try something new. These are candula flowers, as in the fragrance. They grow like weeds in my vegetable garden. I didn't plant them, they just came up on their own, so I allowed a few to grow. This picture is made from different photographic angles of a single bloom.
In digital graphics, the image can be "extracted" from its background. Once that is done, it can be resized, rotated, layered on top or behind other images, moved from one page to another or within a page frame, blended and so on. It allows the assembly of a composite like this to create interesting pictures form a single blossom.
I have few dozen photos of other calendula flowers, so we will be expanding from here. Finally, we can combine the image with text to fill in space on the page and to add further interest to the image. You can't beat Kahlil Gibran as a source of beautifully phrased wisdom.
REFERENCE: i52, t29

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