Monday, October 13, 2008

Hedgehog Cactus

I am calling the image of the nightblooming cactus flower shown in the first posting "image one" or i1 for short. The accompanying poem is "text one" or t1. Today's posting will be i2 & t2 respectively. I will continue this system through out so that you can specify how you want to match image and text.
I am happy to fill custom orders. If you want a different colored background, I can do that. I can add texture or pattern as well. I like to combine the bright colors, but if you prefer a darker background to bring out the color of the blossom, that can be done.

"Flowers inspire us to our own growth

And urge us to our own blossoming."

Coyne 2008
The larger image on the left which I will call i2a is suited to a print or bookmark. The smaller images on the right which are designated as i2b are arranged for notecards.
I found these flowers near city hall here in Tucson. I had no idea what they were, but was struck by their vibrant colors.
Cactus flowers are some of the most beautiful blossoms to be found anywhere. Being from the East, I would not have expected it to be so.
Please enjoy!