Sunday, October 12, 2008

Nightblooming Cards

I have never made my living as an artist, but art has always been an important part of my life. I have worked in various media including acrylics, stained glass, and wood. Recently, I have been working with computer graphics and am amazed at the potential it offers.

I have also started with digital photography. A few years ago I was given an unimpressive little cactus. This spring, it bloomed for the first time and brought forth magnificent nightblooms which inspired me to take lots of photographs. That started me taking other pictures of flowers which has led to my creating cards with flower images.

I like to combine the photos with sayings or poems. Some are mine, others are ones that inspire me and through which I seek to inspire others. I am specializing in cactus flowers found in Tucson, Arizona but I will be branching out from there. I am open to taking requests for flowers not yet in the collection. You may also request a favorite saying or poem to be matched with a picture of your choice.

All the images can be ordered as blank cards. They can also be mixed and matched with most any image available with any text. The nightblooming poem is only appropriate with the nightblooming flowers, but I offer several images to match with it.

Cards can be odered in the small notecard size or the larger standard size. You may also order prints in various sizes as well as bookmarks of any image with or without text.

You may also be interested in my other site: Brightlight Mandalas. There you will find unique designs built around a mandala format.

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