Saturday, October 18, 2008


I completed this poem and illustration in 1991. I am a Scorpio and this is about living under that sign. The familiar symbol of the scorpion crawling around in the dirt is replaced by the more positive eagle soaring in the sky. I like to create images we can aspire to. I have spent enough time crawling around in the dirt, but strive now to spend more time in the air.
This may not seem to fit in with the mandala designs, but I intend for it to be one of twelve elements in a mandala that completes the zodiac. It is an idea I have had brewing for thirty years. I can't say when it will be finished. Don't hold your breath.
This can make a nice, bright print with the poem inclduded or you can think in terms of a birthday card for a Scorpio. I can take requests for other signs and it may spur me on to finish the sketches and poem fragments I have so far. No garauntee on a completion date.
From mystic lore of many lands,
Come tales about a golden bird
Which rises up from ashes gray.
A symbol true, forever heard.
Let us be reminded
Of the firebird within,
Promise of renewal
Growing out of what has been.
We soar to new heights now
On sure wings of victory.
Let us be inspired
To fly with confidence
Upon the shifting winds of
Life's beclouded turbulence.
Wide open skies of blue
Yield full possibility.
Climb high, reach far
O great bird aflame.
With passion purified,
Your need you overcame.
Heart and spirit unified,
You are free at last to serve.
Let us be encouraged
To view failure from above.
Turn ashes into gold
Through the alchemy of love.
Defeat is the first step to completed destiny.
Let us be delivered
Through the fire of the sun,
Reborn in truth ablaze.
Harmonize the two in one.
Stronger through the testing,
We fullfill the prophecy.
Climb high,reach far
O great bird aflame.
With courage purified,
Yourself you overcame.
Heart and spirit unified,
You are free atlast to serve.
Prints or cards.

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